Nightmare In New York

New York is the city most people think of when they hear the phrase The American Dream, the national ethos of the United States. Based on the principles of freedom, prosperity, and success. However, the Big Apple has been subject to a drastic decline in recent years, with the global Covid-19 pandemic and huge cuts to public spending, the city is struggling to even keep its over eight million residents from moving elsewhere. Let’s get into some of the reasons why the city’s reputation is diminishing.

Homelessness in NYC is rising massively, with over 60,000 people sleeping on the streets. An increase in attacks and drug-related incidents within the homeless community is also a major issue. While the sight of rats is not unusual in major American cities, the sheer rise in number is shocking residents. With regular sightings becoming an increasing problem, the spread of disease is also a concern.

Despite the lowest rent prices in years, NYC is witnessing record levels of empty apartments. Over 16,000 properties desperately need tenants. This is partly to do with the decline in living standards and due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the US city has been through the wars since the global pandemic reached American soil earlier this year. NYC has recorded over 832.000 cases and 35,000 deaths. “Mass Covid Graves” has been used to meet burial demands. As well as vacant apartments, more than 300,000 New Yorkers have left the city. With many more expected to leave in the coming months. According to some surveys around 45% of citizens have considered leaving to live elsewhere in the US or abroad.

Gun crime has also been on the rise, the NYPD released crime statistics, confirming a 277% increase in violent gun crime from this time last year. With a 177% growth in July alone. Many attribute this to Mayor Bill De Blasio’s decision to release prisoners from local jails. With pressure coming from the BLM movement to defund the police in the USA. De Blasio and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo have cut $1 billion US Dollars for the police force’s budget. The Democrat pairing forced the NYPD for the first time to publicly endorse a political party before a US election. Claiming Donald Trump and the Republicans support law and order.

Along with cuts to the police, the sanitation budget has been cut heavily. Around $106 million has been taking away from their budget. This has caused huge pileups of rubbish across the Financial Capital of the World. With all this upheaval and difficulty coming up to Christmas, it’s less Fairytale In New York and more of a nightmare.

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