Are the rumours of Donald Trump true?

As more progress is made, trials continue and doses being given out- conspiracy theories begin to arise.

It was not too long ago that it was announced that Donald trump and his wife, Melania Trump, had tested positive for Covid-19. From then on they were admitted to a hospital where they started their road to recovery. When Trump got tested for the virus and the public’s questions were left unanswered the internet began to fill out all the missing spaces with what they believed to be true, leaving rumours to surround the minds of his followers.

It can be argued evidently that not all of the information that was for, towards and said about Trump’s health helped clear up any sort of confusion.

One rumour that stood with a lot of people and raised various red flags was the overwhelming question of; when did Donald last receive a negative test and why is the white house struggling to back their facts up over Trump’s health?

The white house stated that Donald started having symptoms on that Thursday evening where he ended up testing positive and announced it later on himself in a small tweet where it stated:
“Tonight, @flotus and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

Though we were told that there was still an underlying silence throughout the political board and their members abouts Trump’s condition.

Due to the lack of information being given out, members of the public started assuming that maybe Trump wasn’t getting tested as regularly as he should have been or even to the extent that he could have possibly had a positive result earlier than what was told to the public.

The saturday just after the announcement on the prior thursday, A member of the White House spoke out that Trump’s diagnosis came “72 hours ago”- this would have been the wednesday before the rally and trip. Shortly after the white house spoke out issuing that they made a minor mistake and ‘misspoke’, where they concluded that Donald Trump was in his third day of having the virus.

However just as the BBC stated in one of their articles- “Medical experts think the speed at which Trump’s health deteriorated on Friday – just hours after his reported diagnoses – could indicate that the president may have contracted the virus much earlier”.

This suggestion then led to a new rumour that Mr Donald Trump was a lot more ill than what was being shown to the public.

With the latter knowledge that not all is as it seems when it comes to Donald Trump’s health. So under those circumstances the question that seems to arise of, ‘do we know all the facts about his health?” seems obviously lenient towards no.

We were ensured that his symptoms to begin with were mild and then after rephrased as him having a high fever and sufficient difficulty breathing that he even required an oxygen tank.

Although the white house never confirmed that Trump had an 02 tank, a number of followers, reporters and the public in general stated that they saw him leave with one. This where the ‘secret’ oxygen tank rumors surfaced from. Additionally this added to the claims that the white house was reducing and downplaying the severity of the PM’s health condition and status.

Although the BBC claims that even if there was no tank there is still evidence he was given supplementary oxygen throughout his journey of recovery from the virus. Regardless of his aids it is obvious that his condition was downplayed by those in power to the public.

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