What’s going on Microsoft?

The latest next-gen consoles are out but most of us may have to wait a little while longer until we can get our hands on one.

Some of you may have noticed retail outlets raising the price of Microsoft’s Xbox live gold membership in the months leading up to the release of the new console.

In previous years I was able to pick up a years subscription to Xbox live for as little as £26, most of the time it was around the £30 mark, with the RRP being about £40.

In the last couple of months, their prices stayed firm at the RRP of £40 the same as it was at the release of the Xbox one with some outlets such as Game selling a 12-month subscription for £49.99.

These price hikes were to be expected with the arrival of the new console.

What was not expected was on Friday the 22nd Microsoft announced that the price of their gold subscription would increase.

They stated one month would increase from £6.99 to £7.99, three months up from £17.99 to £21.99 and six months from £29.99 to £42.99.

This, as you can imagine, was not well received, the Xbox community created an uproar online which did not go unnoticed by Microsoft.

On Saturday morning Xbox published a statement on Twitter saying “Today was not great. We always try to do our best for you and today we missed the mark.

We hear you, and we’re reversing our Xbox Live Gold pricing updates.”

Not only that but they published another statement letting gamers know that they will be removing gold requirements of all free-to-play games.

This is a great move by Microsoft and will be well received for sure as free-to-play games are some of the most popular out there at the moment, simply due to their accessibility and now there about to get even more accessible.

All the biggest titles such as Fortnite, Call of duty warzone and Apex legends will be joined by the Xbox and pc exclusive Halo infinite in 2021.

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