Covid vaccination passports may be the only way for us to travel again

It’s been nearly two years since a lot of us have been on a covid free holiday and the idea of being able to hop on a plane and travel somewhere warm seems unimaginable. That was until British Officials announced that they are planning a system in which travellers may have to prove that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19 when entering another country. 


This system would deem very helpful when it comes to travelling to another country for a short holiday, whether that’s 1 or 2 weeks as many travellers have had to quarantine for 2 weeks and then swiftly return home. It would mean that people wouldn’t have to quarantine as long as they have received the Covid vaccine. 


For countries like Greece, not only could this system bring tourism back this summer but it could also recuperate Greek economy, having been badly affected by numerous lockdowns and a decreased revenue from the tourism industry.


Luckily for the UK, Greece has suggested that Britons will be one of the first travellers allowed back into the country due to the quick and effective vaccination rate within the UK. Greek president of the hoteliers federation, Grigiris Tasios, stated that, “with the rate of inoculations in the UK largely out-pacing all other across Europe and beyond, British Travelers will be among the safest to travel here by as early as May”. 


This system is likely to be introduced in the upcoming months in hopes to salvage our summers and the tourism industry that comes with it. That is obviously dependent on vaccinations but hopefully our travel plans can resume in May.

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