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When food (a snack) is consumed in an accidental, often regrettable way. This can refer to accidentally eating food of a questionable quality and/or quantity. For example when someone consumes an entire packet of biscuits when they intended to eat only a few.

A snaccident can happen at any time of day or night, but most frequently involves eating an unhealthy amount of something – unhealthy!

Today I feel it is my linguistic duty to share this word with you. Having only just stumbled across it, and never having heard it before, I instantly assumed it wasn’t actually a real word at all. But on further investigation I discovered it’s a word in the Urban Dictionary and dates back to 2007 where it was first entered on 16th May.

In this time of National Lockdown 3 (the ongoing saga – hopefully not to be continued), I imagine that many people will be suffering from regular outbursts of snaccidents  possibly multiple times each day. These may also contribute to a severe case of goutbreak, fattening the curve, coronaspeck or corona bacon. 

Urban Dictionary.com was created by a Californian freshman Aaron Peckam back in 1999 when he created it as a parody of actual dictionaries, which he considered to be “stuffy” and “taking themselves too seriously”.

Another app to download then….


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