Covid Testing – A Major Success [Opinion]

Testing, coupled with the impressive vaccination rollout across the UK has so far proven to be the best combatant against Covid-19. The deadly virus has not only taken over 2 million lives worldwide, but it’s also changed our everyday lives. So, as a university student who’s nearing the end of his first year of higher education, the news that we can step foot through the doors of the university we’ve enrolled in was both exciting and intriguing.

With students returning to the Marjon campus, the university had to ensure that everyone’s health and well-being came first. In doing so, the testing centre was made available for all students returning to face-to-face lectures. At first, it seemed a chore, the idea of waiting for your test results before a lesson, hanging around waiting for your name to be called. While that couldn’t be further from the truth. The experience was quick, efficient, and effective.

I arrived with a pre-booked time slot, I was promptly informed on how the process would work and my details were taken via the government testing website. Next, I was ushered to booth number 4, where I was instructed on how to take the test. Once I followed the instructions and completed the test, I sat and waited thinking that I’d have to wait for someone to call out my name for the results. Obviously, being a digital dinosaur, I was surprised when they told me, they’d text me the outcome of the test.

The whole thing took around 10 minutes, it was running incredibly smoothly, and everyone seemed to fully understand their role. Hopefully, once the vaccinations start to take effect, these testing centres won’t be as widely needed, but for now, they remain a strong adversary against the Coronavirus.

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