Plymouth city council election results

After the elections yesterday, which were dubbed “Super Thursday”, the future of the Plymouth City Council hangs in the balance. 
Previously the city council had a majority of Labour councillors with 30 out of the 57 seats available, but this could soon change with the 19 seats being contested in the elections, eleven of them were held by the Labour party, five of them held by Conservative and three seats are held by independents who left the Conservative party after differences with the new leadership. 

The results are in and out of the 19 seats, Labour has managed to keep five with the Conservatives securing six seats from Labour.  

This leaves the Conservatives holding 26 seats, with Labour holding 24 and 7 seats being held by independents. 
The Conservatives will be looking to create an alliance with the independents to work out how they can work together on the city council and have the Conservatives take control of the city. 

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