Plymouth Power Cuts: 200 Properties Powerless

An overnight power cut left roughly 200 properties in Plymouth without power, including The Range’s Headquarters and the Plymouth Pet Hospital.

Image Credit: WDP (Image displays areas affected by previous power cut)

Western Power Distribution (WPD) were made aware of the incident at roughly 4:17am, and at 5:40am, reported the issue to be a fault in its underground network.

The company had restored most of the power by 6:20am, and in a statement said, “We are working hard to resolve this.”

This is not a new occurrence, as 1000 properties were affected by a similar outage in the same week (displayed above),  although that was determined to have been caused in WDP’s high voltage network and was significantly more severe.

WDP was very quick to solve the problem the first time, and this time looks to be no different, as very few properties in affected areas remain without power.

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