Tips for freshers by freshers

With freshers week just a few months away and with many hopeful students ready to join university in Britain’s ocean city, we’ve compiled a list of the most crucial tips for making sure you have the best time, with advice from current first year students.

 Knowing your limits

Freshers week is seen as the be all and end all of a first year uni-students life. The social side of it all can seem very exciting for some and very daunting for others, alongside the increased emphasis on drinking. One of the key points in freshers is not to overdo drinking and putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Your parents/guardian will have likely told you all about this but it needs to be reiterated here.

First year student Dylan Ramsay of Plymouth Marjon University, wanted to share an insight into his first week and what he advises first year students to do when in their first week of socialising.

“My first week was much the same as other students apart from I don’t drink a lot. I had fun even though I didn’t drink in the first week but my flatmates did, and witnessed my flatmate who was new to drinking get horrendously sick and regretted it the next day but still went drinking again and again.”

“I say if you haven’t drunk before take it easy and try and find your limits. I didn’t drink in the first week of university but still had a good time. It wasn’t a big deal for me or others”


 Saving Money

When your first student loans drops it can be so tempting to go crazy and spend loads of money on Uber’s and drinks but budgeting is a very important part of a students life and can lead to some very tricky situations when it comes to paying rent and buying food. 

Although nights out have not been able to happen completely due to the global pandemic, it can be a big leech on the money you get. When budgeting your money Affinity May, a student in Plymouth says that she puts her money in a different account when on a night out with a limited amount in order to make sure she doesn’t spend too much on a night out.


“It’s important to save money because its a life skill that you need and uni is preparing you for life and a part of becoming mature. It can also be a good idea to try and get a part time job at the university as it can give you a much needed income boost if you find yourself struggling with money.”


 Keeping mentally healthy

University life has its highs and has its lows much life everything in life, but for many it can leave them drained socially and emotionally. To keep mentally well, a bit of self care is needed.”

Here are some of the things students at Marjon do when they feel low at university:

Ryan and Megan said “I listen to music and do physical activity in order to keep my mind and body well”

Adrian said “I accessed the universities student support and well-being service. They helped me with homesickness and stress by talking to me and listening to my problems.

Lauren said “Socialising with flatmates always cheers me up”

Personally I love to get an ice-cream down on the hoe when its nice and sunny. Plymouth is such a beautiful place and students should utilise the city to refresh their mind and soul.




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