Sadio Mané, a Season to Forget

Sadio Mane’s professionalism is unquestionable at Anfield. Although his 9 goals in this Premier League campaign and 14 among all competitions with the ‘Reds’ are not enough. But more than that, is this version of Sadio Mané, unrecognizable. We don’t see the verticality, the speed and the constant action to which he had us accustomed to week in, week out.

With a current worth of 100 million, the ‘10’ is considered by many one of the best wingers in the world. The 9thplayer with the highest wage of the squad owning £5.2 million per year. Mane has been a fundamental piece in the Liverpool squad for the last four seasons, forming along with Firmino and Salah a lethal trident which conquered the Champions League trophy in 2019 and the Premier League in 2020. Currently 29 years-old and with his contract expiring in the summer of 2023, the ‘Reds’ keep high hopes on the winger and expect a much better form next season.

The commitment is such that he agreed to undergo tests to see if he was in optimal condition.

“This is the worst season of my career. I have to admit it “

“If you ask me what is wrong, I will struggle to give you an answer. Personally, I don’t know. I have always tried to be positive, whether things are going well or badly. I question myself all the time.

“I even underwent a test to take a look at my body. Am I eating the right foods, or has everything changed? But they checked the test results, and everything is fine.”


The Senegalese striker is going through the worst season of his career and says he does not know what is the “problem”. The ‘Reds’ number ten had an ugly gesture with his coach yesterday by denying him the greeting at the end of the game after not starting against Manchester United at Old Trafford and only playing the last 16 minutes.

Due to Mané’s poor form, Jurgen Klopp has not required his services in recent fixtures, leaving him on the bench. In the match played yesterday at Old Trafford, Mané did not appear in Liverpool’s starting 11 and after playing the last 16 minutes of the match, Jurgen Klopp entered the pitch, as usual, to greet his players and rivals but when he went to greet Mané, the winger, refused the greeting and exchanged a few words.

Jurgen would be asked about this action at the post-match press conference.

“No, no problem. Yesterday I made a late decision in training to decide for Diogo. The boys are used to me explaining things usually but there was actually no time for that and that’s all. It’s all fine.”

After this action there have been many reactions that label this attitude as disrespectful, Michael Owen said this about it.

“I thought Jurgen Klopp played it well in the interview, played it down, didn’t want to take the shine off what was a great performance and a great win,”

“But, and there is a big but, you can’t do that to your manager, not in front of the glaring public.

“Yes, go knock on his door tomorrow [after the game], yes, if you’re not happy then say something, but you don’t do that. That’s a lack of respect. It sends a bad image to the fans, to his teammates.

“Don’t forget, he didn’t play, three players did, those three players – Salah, Jota and Firmino – scored all four goals between them, so he’s [Klopp] hardly wrong in what he did.”


On the other side of the argument, Roy Keane said this.

Now more than ever, Sadio Mane needs to step up and try to give Liverpool the points they need. Only three more games left. The ‘Reds’ need to win all of them in order to qualify for the Champions League edition next year. Chasing them in the table they have West Ham, two points away, and Tottenham four points away. If Liverpool drops points in any of their next games they could end up playing Europa League next season which would be a total failure for the club.

“I need to understand that in life there are ups and downs,”  

“I will keep on working hard – and perhaps in time this situation will pass.” said Mane to Canel+

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