Bobbi-Anne McLeod – body found in search for missing girl

On Tuesday 23rd November, the three-day search for 18-year-old Bobbi-Anne McLeod came to an end at Bovisand beach, eight miles from where it began. A body was found, and the family were informed. We are still expecting a formal identification from the next of kin.

Miss McLeod was seen sitting at the bus stop at 6:15 pm and by the time the bus arrived at 6:23 pm, only her headphones and tobacco were found. When McLeod didn’t reach her destination at the expected time, alarm bells were immediately raised.

The events that unfolded over the weekend have left both Leigham and the wider Plymouth community shaken. We went up to Sheepstor bus stop today, to see first-hand how the community has been impacted.

Across the road from the stop is an array of tributes, consisting mostly of flowers and plants but there are also several angels and candles lining the row of tributes. As you stand reading the tributes left, you get a real sense of the love that surrounded Bobbi-Anne, but you can’t help but notice the almost deafening quiet that surrounds the area. Aside from the passing cars, there is nothing but the rustling of the bouquets that have been left.

Whilst we were only there for a short time, several members of the public came to lay further tributes, we spoke to one woman who, despite not knowing the family, had been deeply affected by the news, having two young girls of her own. She described feeling “broken” by recent events.

Several tributes will take place over the coming days. Last night, Smeaton’s Tower was lit up purple, as was Derriford hospital. Tonight, there will be a candle-lit vigil across the road from where she was last seen, with another on Friday at Smeaton’s tower. A reclaim the night march is also taking place in Exeter this weekend.

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