The return of the splash brothers

NBA star Klay Thompson returned to the NBA this week against the cavaliers after 941 days out due to a torn right achilles tendon in a game against the Toronto raptors in game 6 of the nba playoff finals. The injury occured in the final 2 minutes of the 3rd quarter with the warriors up by 3 points (80-83).warriors rebound the ball and ran up the court Klay receives the ball goes up for the lay up and is fouled buy Danny Green but on the landing something seems wrong Klay instantly grab his knee which scent scares round the entire stadium. He was allowed to return to the game to take his free throws after being fouled but after that the team decided to foul straight after so Thompson could get the medical attention he needed. They hoped the injury wasn’t gonna last that long but their fears were answered. This injury significantly caused the warriors form to drop and lose the rest of the NBA finals series against the Toronto raptors and in the 20/21 season they nearly failed to make the playoffs for the first time in over a decade.

 Klay’s return sparked joy into the Warriors fans as he dropped 17 points and got 1 assist on his return. The return he is making means the famous splash brothers are reunited. The other splash brother Stephen Curry scored 28 points and got 5 assists besides this being the 30th win for the golden state warriors it was a time to rejoice as their duo is back together and a lot has changed since Klay last played for the warriors. Last time Klay played Brooklyn nets player Kevin Durant played for the warriors he is now part of Brooklyn big three. Klay explained his joy ‘ a night that he will never forget’ is what he described it as. Klay is hoping to continue with where he left off with being the dominant 3 point partner to Stephen curry. The golden state warriors next game is against the grizzlies on Tuesday 11 live on the ESPN. 

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