The Underground House Party Scene Coming out of Plymouth – BAD OMENS

In recent times, a night out with your friend has become an unknown. and people have been feeling more and more unsafe, since 2015 more than 2,600 of spiking on a night out were reported in England and Wales.

Nights out can get expensive for some people, in recent climates, 69 pounds is the average cost of a night out, many people can’t afford such a luxury.

House Parties are usually free events hosted by someone local offering a free place to go and spend time with mutual friends. in its nature house parties create grounds for a night where people are joined by a common aim, to have a good time.

Bad Omens has quickly become a brand reliant on giving people a free event to look forward to, wherein they can enjoy a range of headlining acts in the setting of a house. These events are hosted by a driven team of event organisers MC’s and usually followed by a crowd of hand selected, friendly people.


Who hosts the events?

One of the first people we interviewed was Harvey, the head man himself. We started by going through a bit of backstory to what Badomens is and why it came about, Harvey spook about his own goals with it and where he wants to go with the brand. Bad Omens isn’t specifically for Plymouth as he mentioned People from all over the country come to these events to experience the crowd and energy that is put out.

These events are hosted by Harvey. The concept of Bad Omens was inspired by the free party and illegal rave scene, where people from all different walks of life have a place to go and rave with their friends regardless of how much money they had available to them. “Bad Omens was born from the lack of rules, the unity, people coming together and looking after each other and not relying on the system to get by”

The Halloween party

Me, my girlfriend and my friend’s Dan and Kai signed up for the mailing list in the beginning of October, on the 24th of October we got our invites.

As it was Halloween we needed to get into appropriate costumes.

I dressed as Hunter s Thompson from the movie Fear and Loathing

My girlfriend dressed as his lawyer

Dan dressed as Jesus

And Kai dressed as Corey Taylor from slipknot

On the day we were sent the location, luckily it was a 5-minute walk from where I actually lived, me and the team headed to the location sent through the email.

As soon as we walked through the door, around 8.30. People I have met and known for a few years greeted us in the hallway, I remember thinking that I was going to be packed due to how many people where just in the hallway, obviously waiting for the bathroom.

This is where I first bumped into Harvey, I asked if it was busy in the main room, “it’s not but the hallway is packed.”

Judging by the way people greeted us our anxieties of how this night would turn out were put to rest.

The main room wasn’t packed but they were still playing music and the people who were dancing to seem to be having a brilliant time. Me, Kai, Dan and Isi walked through and went straight to the smoking area. Everyone who was a member of the bad omens crew was wearing robes with the ohm symbol painted on them, these were the people you will speak to if you needed help. Usually when you walk into an area like this you feel a sense of anxiety but the way that everyone was very welcoming as soon as we walked in made the team feel comfortable.

The rooms had a specific pattern the crowd would flow in and out of, people who wanted to be right in the music would stay at the front, this is where Kai was most of the night. People who wanted to drink and listen to the music would stick to the kitchen where everyone had left their stuff. The smoking area was a good place to socialise this is where Dan stayed most of the night, everyone that we approached had something to say about Bad Omens and the parties that are hosted.

As time went on and after a few drinks people started to flood the dance floor and smoking area and a few people that were regular on the night out scene started to arrive.

About an hour in In started asking people questions and seeing if people wanted to come and join for an interview. People with very keen to do this and show their love for Bad Omens and what they do.

After Harvey we interviewed Immy, Immy likes these events because they bring people together whether they have money or not. She mentioned a story of how she felt safe one time because they kicked out someone that was making her uncomfortable.


Everyone I spoke to felt safe. Apart from the videos that we did have, we met many people and made many friends. Certain parts of the night we spent in just the smoking area. We also met 3 Teletubbies who travelled with MC Maddoc for 8 hours from Lancaster.

MC maddoc told us about himself and where he come from.


From speaking to people in the smoking area and even some in the bathroom area, People love these events and everyone that is involved becomes a part of the Bad Omens cult. Both me and my girlfriend struggled to find people that were hard to speak to or didn’t want to speak to someone at all.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped make this article happen and and even bigger thank you to Saffron who gave me access to some of the clips used

Below will be the social media for the crew 

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