Plans of fee charges for Mount Wise Swimming Pool come to light.

There is a potential risk of the public being made to pay for future swimming sessions at one of Plymouth’s most popular pools. 

Mount wise is a sought-after, family-friendly waterfront location deemed as “one of the best outdoor swimming pool complexes in the country” as stated by Plymouth Active. It is an opportunity to create long-lasting memories with friends and family, swimming about and enjoying the sunshine: free of charge.  

However, all those future memories yet to be made may change their course when Plymouth city council has now announced a draft budget for 2023 and the years ahead. 

As the cost of the living crisis is skyrocketing, the council believes a fee charge at the entrance of Mount Wise is the right way to go to sustain the ease of running the swimming pool. 

The people of Plymouth gave many negative opinions and thoughts when hearing this new potential plan. One person said, “This is going to affect so many local families that rely on taking their children there that haven’t got the transport to go to beaches, or even the financial stability for all the family to go to swimming pools”.

Leader of Plymouth city council- Richard Bingley - “All councils, including ours here in Plymouth, have been hit by historic, unprecedented levels of soaring fuel, wage and other inflationary costs. Quite rightly, we also have a legal duty to balance our city’s annual budget. Failure to seriously grip our public finances will leave our city open to intervention from central government commissioners, and this is not an option, nor a risk, that this administration is willing to take. 

We are leaving no stone unturned to identify ways of reducing costs and are determined to protect local services as best we can, particularly those that support the most vulnerable in our community.

We are doing this in an urgent but considered way and our recovery plan is focusing on modernising, generating income, increasing efficiency and making difficult decisions to change, pause or stop things."

Backlash and judgement were quick to surface and people started complaining about how ‘greedy’ Plymouth City Council are being. A public member of Devonport shared their thoughts online and said “Council squeezing every penny out of everything they can. Services down, tax up.”

There are four draft proposals linked with different Plymouth leisure facilities and Mount Wise swimming pool is one of them. This is to increase the chances of either saving money or improving income. Plymouth city council elaborates that £250,000 can be saved, or generated if the plans go ahead. 

Chief executive- Tracey Lee: “These are unprecedented times and I have never known a situation like this, and this is not unique to Plymouth and being experienced all across Devon and the UK. The demand we have in the system, and inflationary pressure is what is really causing the unprecedented gap.”

The Cabinet of Plymouth City Council came to a decision and agreement of consulting the draft proposals in the future. However, there are no more details of any specifications of this debate yet to be published to the public. People’s opinions are to be considered for these potential budget schemes through a form presented online that will be available on the Plymouth City Council’s website in the foreseeable future. This feedback will be examined by the elected members and the final decision will be made and put into place for February.

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