“System Change Not Climate Change” – How Bristol are actively combatting the climate crisis

Saturday 12th November saw the latest in several protests for Climate Justice and hundreds of protesters descended onto the streets of Bristol to raise awareness of various climate issues. 

Protests were planned across the UK to coincide with COP27 in Egypt and the campaigners came together in support of the actions being taken at the UN summit. 

These protests were particularly poignant after the Egyptian government recently banned all protests, so many of the campaigners stood in solidarity with those who could not protest. 

Most protesters were bringing attention to local issues, such as the planned airport expansion which would see further emissions from planes and impact on local land. 

The Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) have argued that “the expansion plans do not adhere to guidance set out in government policy on making best use of existing runways, and that there is an error of law in the plan’s application of the Environmental Impact Assessment of non-Co2 emissions.” 

The airport case stretches far beyond the protest and resulted in a 10-week inquiry last summer, however the case rages on so the campaigners continue to raise awareness to it. 

The protest was peaceful throughout and drums and other percussion instruments were used to make some noise as the campaigners walked the streets. 

Various signs were on show depicting messages such as “System Change Not Climate Change,” “Just Stop Oil,” and “Planning for Survival?” 

The organiser of the protest was local nurse Salina Williams, who claimed the government had not acted or made progress since COP26. 

Salina told the BBC “Changes need to happen now. We need to stop fossil fuel investment, but also we are standing in solidarity with our colleagues, our friends in Egypt who are unable to protest today.” 

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