Sin Kiske revealed for Guilty Gear Strive dlc – and is immediately available

Arc Systems current hit game Guilty Gear Strive has announced its new character to be added to its roster today, despite the reveal only being done earlier this week.

The response from the community however has been mixed, with audiences expecting a more popular character to have been revealed since Arc Systems had gone quiet for a few months as well as the character’s release lining up with black Friday deals for the game. One player said: “I’m hype, would’ve preferred another character but I’m happy with sin” and another saying “So obvious it was disappointing”

Sin Kiske himself is a returning character for the franchise, with him being in the previous game to Guilty Gear. From the reveal trailers it would seem the character has been adjusted gameplay wise due to Guilty Gear Strive being different to its predecessor. Just like the previous iteration of the character, Sin Kiske will have a bar (named “stamina”) that allows him to use his special moves – the difference is that instead of being able to do a special move into another he just now has follow ups. This is most likely due to another character in the game already having the ability, and Arc Systems probably wants to keep their roster unique. The character’s bar has also had a very large change where it now refills automatically, with the original having him need to use his notorious move “still growing”

But do not worry Sin fans, the notorious hungry boy can still eat.


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