Youtuber Thogden on track to complete “The Impossible Challenge” to attend every World Cup Game

Youtuber Thogden, who is 21-years old has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, is currently on Day Five of this challenge. Currently the Bolton Wanderers supporter, is on his way to the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium to watch Portugal vs Ghana after already watching Switzerland vs Cameroon and Uruguay vs South Korea today.  

Thogden is in conjunction with and COPA 90 to try and complete the challenge. Thogden has already been joined on the journey to some games with dad Stephen, known online as Thogdad, and other youtubers Vuj and Fusion Josh. COPA 90 and are capturing the 21-year-old challenge and documenting it, in 60 seconds videos on their TikTok page. These short videos along with Thogden’s daily vlogs capture the atmosphere and pure emotion of Football fans from all different countries.  

The Challenge has been made possible due to the proximity of all eight stadiums in Qatar. All venues are located within a 55km radius of the capital city of Doha, meaning the furthest travel between stadiums is a one-hour journey. On top of this, the group games being played at 10:00, 13:00,16:00,19:00 BST gives Thogden enough time to get to games with even problems of traffic or ticketing trouble. 

However, to complete the challenge it has meant the London YouTuber has had to leave games early. Including his beloved England. On Day two, Thogden left England Vs Iran five minutes early missing England sixth goal, scored by Jack Grealish and the Iranian last-minute penalty. This was so he and his dad, Thogdad, could attend the Senegal vs Netherlands match. 


Thogden is determined to attend all 64 games and put himself into the history books. The official record is held by South African fan Thulani Ngcobo, who went to 31 games in 2010 in his native South Africa. Thogden, believes he won’t be the only person attempting the challenge. Speaking to the Daily Mirror before the tournament the YouTuber said: “I think there’ll be fans who will be up to going to every single match. That’s my biggest worry- if someone beats me, then I want to see all the evidence!” 

Thogden, was in with the Japanese fans to witness their shock victory over Germany in Group E. The YouTuber joined in with the passionate fans and stayed the whole game to witness the shock. Thogden in his video labelled the win  “football history for Japan.” 



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