Ben Trigger Looking at a Tough Season After Signing for Plymouth Gladiators

Ben Trigger has signed and been confirmed as one of the two reserve drivers for Plymouth Gladiators before Christmas, but with the fixtures being released for the upcoming season, he will be preparing for what his dad, Lee Trigger, describes as a tough season ahead.  

The young Rider from Plymouth earned his place in the Gladiators team after having a great season last year. Even though his season was cut short with a broken leg he still managed to almost double his average. One year prior to that he was the British 500cc youth champion.  

I spoke with the 16- year- olds Dad to find out how they are preparing for the upcoming season and if they had set any goals.  

He said: “getting into the Championship with Plymouth is a great step, but it is going to be tough, so we are not building any expectations”. 

“Ben still has the National Development League and the Individual competitions, the under- 19s British championship and the under- 21s British Championship to focus on”.  

“The goal will be to have a better final position than last year”. 

Even though it is going to be a “tough season” in the championship and Ben and his father don’t have “any expectations” for the championship, Garry May, Plymouth Gladiator’s Manager believes that Trigger could do well at home if he makes the gate as it has proven “hard to overtake at Plymouth” – said May.  

Lee, who knows the track well after being manager of Plymouth, agrees saying: “if he comes out of the second turn in 1st, he’d be difficult to overtake”. 

However, Lee added “he can be a bit soft going into turn 1”, “he’s still very raw and green but that will come with age and experience”. 

And that experience will come as over the next season the young Brit can start to establish himself as a Plymouth and Championship rider.  

Manager Garry May is willing to give young riders a chance after he said in an interview “You have to give these British riders a chance because if you don’t give them a chance, you don’t know what they can do. If no one gave Darcy ward a chance, what would he have done?” 

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