Students finally get repairs after claims of living nearly 2 weeks without hot water

Resident students living at Peninsula accommodation (specifically students living within Block A) have made multiple complaints about their hot water not working since about January 2nd after a temporary repair had been done before Christmas. After these complaints were made, Your Move sent an email out on the 3rd January that they were awaiting permission to make a permanent repair. That repair was only done yesterday. This means tenants had to wait at least 9 days for hot water, understandably students living at the accommodation were dissatisfied with this response and found it to be insufficient.

“My flatmates returned on 2nd January and had no hot water, they had to go about a week and a half with just cold water until the recent repairs. They wanted a cheaper rent because of it” said Jack, a tenant living at Peninsula student living. Another tenant named Aaron also mentioned that they had “gone almost 2 weeks” without hot water.

Under the Landlord and Tenants Act 1985, tenants have the right to expect repairs within a ‘reasonable time’. If an emergency repair is needed it should take no longer than two days, Landlords must ensure that tenants have access to heating and hot water by law. Here that two day threshold had obviously been breached.

The issue also came at an insultingly bad time, as students would have just returned for university from their Christmas break meaning they were welcoming their new year with cold showers and tap water.

Peninsula Student Living is a private accommodation designed for students, it is located in Plymouth, Derriford nearby the university Plymouth Marjon. Marjon recommends the private accommodation to its students however it would appear some students living there have had poor experiences. Aaron further went on to mention a lack of urgency to repair his flat’s front door lock in November after it got busted open.

“I had to take 2 calls to get someone down to just repair it, in the meantime we had a front door that didn’t lock, the responses have been inadequate”

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