Record levels of animals being abandoned due to rising costs

With the cost-of-living crisis affecting many households across the UK, figures produced by animal charities and welfare organisations have shown a rise in the number of pets being abandoned.

Many shelters within the South East are reportedly witnessing an increase in the number of animals that are being taken in to care, despite the fact that many of these institutions are almost full to capacity.

The primary reasons associated with these rises are in relation to rising costs and changes in household structures and circumstances.

Figures produced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) show that the average dog will cost their owner roughly £30,000 over their lifespan encompassing everything from food and dietary requirements to care and medical coverage.

A full list of information surrounding updated statistics can be found on the IFAW website or by following this link:

As many of these families across the UK are experiencing a drastic rise in household energy bills and spending on consumer goods, an overwhelming number have turned to giving up their beloved pets to these charity organisations or in some unfortunate cases abandoning them altogether.

Matt Gough, head of animal welfare at the Raystede Centre in East Sussex, said in an interview with the BBC “We are staring straight into an animal welfare crisis.” 

This statement came after the organisation produced a statement showing that levels of animals being given up to the charity were 50% higher than in 2021.

Following the Christmas period and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, it’s unlikely that we’ll see these statistics fall for quite some time.


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