Figurehead II lands at Marjon

The work of world-renowned Brazilian artist Alexandre da Cunha, known as Figurehead II, has found its new home on the Marjon campus. Previously housed at The Box in the centre of Plymouth, the vertical stone statue now stands tall outside of the Marjon Arts Centre at the university, ready to be unveiled tomorrow on the 22nd of March. 

The university chose this piece to be housed at Marjon as it is brutalist in style, and aligns with the original 1970s campus architecture at Plymouth Marjon University, as well as the post-war construction of Plymouth. The new art installation comes as Marjon approaches it’s 50th year as a university in Plymouth, and it’s 100th year of being the combined colleges of St Mark and St John’s. 

Sarah McAdam, Dean of the School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Plymouth Marjon University told marjon news: “Concrete has such a history in Plymouth and at Marjon, and this feels like the perfect home for this piece of work.  We’ve been pushing the boundaries of innovation for over 180 years, and we don’t intend to slow down. This collaboration between The Box and Marjon helps to bring art and culture to the north of the city and ensures that our local communities can easily access the arts.” 

Whilst Marjon is primarily a sports university, the installation of De Cunha’s art piece brings a new dimension to the university and is hoped to be the first of many impressive pieces added to the picturesque campus.

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