Review of the Troy Deeney episode on JaackMaate’s Happy Hour Podcast!!!

Troy Deeney!- Troy’s Most Honest Interview to Date: Review 

Professional footballer and current captain of Birmingham City Troy Deeney was a guest on the popular Spotify exclusive podcast JaackMaate’s Happy Hour. The podcast which started on YouTube and which is now on tour consist of host Jack Dean, who goes by his Youtube name JaackMaate, and co-host Stevie White. New episodes of the podcast come out every Monday and Thursday. The Monday episodes are known as Main Show Mondays and these are shows which feature Jack, Stevie and fellow co-host Robbie Knox and Alfie Indra. Whereas the Thursday episodes are ones which includes guest just like the episodes with Troy Deeney. The podcast has had many well-known guest including Comedy Icons Ricky Gervais and Rob Beckett, Musicians Example and Liam Payne and Footballers like Ben Foster and Ben Johnson.  

Troy Deeney’s dynamic on the podcast fit perfectly with the host from the start of the podcast. The first answer Troy Deeney gave for Podcast popular first question showed it was going  to be a good podcast. Also, the podcast just felt like a chat between mates, and this is something you would like to hear as it is very chill. Deeney told many anecdotes about his career and just as a person, one including how he was so excited to get on the tube to go to the Happy Hour Studios, as he had never been on the tube by himself before. Also, Jack told a hilarious story about wearing a performance vest whilst playing five aside which I will not spoil as it is something worth listening to. On the podcast Deeney spoke about a variety of topics which were furthered by excellent questions from Jack and Stevie. One topic that Deeney talked about which was very compelling, was the time he spent in prison and the encounter he had whilst he was in there. Deeney also talked about home life growing up as a child and how he was kicked out of school and how he was like in lessons. Deeney gave never before insights into his life, including something about his brother which was an exclusive for the podcast. Deeney also cleared up the infamous story where he scored seven in a game hungover, which got him a trial at League Two Club at the time Walsall F.C. This story was another particularly funny one especially the reason why Deeney wanted the scout to hurry up so he could get something.  

Troy Deeney also went on to talk about serious topics for instance how he knew who is true friends were and how in some cases he was expected to give money to people because of who he was as people knew he had money. The footballer also talked about secret donations he has made and what footballer helped him and leant him money after he was released from prison. Deeney was honest through the whole podcast and the tittle described by Jaakmaates Happy Hour of ‘Troy’s most honest interview to date’ is completely accurate as any question the former Watford striker answered he answered with consideration and in full detail. The podcast combined fun and serious perfectly as many serious questions and topics were covered,especially about Deeney’s time in prison and how he had to bury his father a few days before going to prison. The 34-Year-Old also talked about the reality of being a Footballer and being in the public eye and how those differ to when being at home and taking care of the chidren. Deeney also talked about what he does whilst with his family to still be Troy and not the Footballer who is known over the world. However, Deeney also talked about getting star struck after David Beckham talked to him at an awards night and how he asked for a picture with the England legend. Deeney also talked about asking Elton John to go on his podcast ‘Deeney Talks,’ and how nice of a man the musician is and how he has helped him in his career.  

Another topic which was talked about in the podcast, was the Infamous “DEENEY” goal in the Playoff Semi-Final against Leicester City where the striker scored after Leicester missed a penalty down the other end. Deeney opened up about how he never cherished the moment before as Watford loss the final of the Playoffs that season against Crystal Palace at Wembley. It showed the mentality Deeney has a why he has played at the very topic for many years. Deeney also talked about a wholesome moment where he jumped into the crowd and the man, he hugged was his brother.   

Overall, the podcast was a great listen and one which was inspirational to see someone in the spotlight be so honest about things he has experienced in his life. The podcast was also extremely funny in parts but also very serious in others and this shows the great interviewing techniques which Jack and Stevie have. It is clear to see why JaackMaate’s Happy Hour is one of the most popular podcasts in the UK due to the great hosts it has. I fully recommend anyone to listening to this podcast no matter if you like football or not. I have listened to many JaackMaate’s podcast, and they are always very enjoyable to listen to whenever you are at home or on the go. After this podcast I will also look into Deeney Talks a podcast of Troy Deeney’s which also gets a variety of guests to talk about their experiences in football like Andy Cole or in Television like Ben Shephard. I would give JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast with Troy Deeney a 10/10 rating. It is one of the best podcasts I have listen to and one I didn’t want to end. You can watch the podcast on Spotify or catch clips including one about the goal against Leicester on YouTube and TikTok.  

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