The return of the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

What is arguably the biggest event for Formula 1 in 2023, the Las Vegas Grand Prix returns and is being held over this weekend for the first time since what was called the Caesars Palace Grand Prix held in 1981-1982.

The new street circuit contains 17 corners, all but 4 of them being held on existing roads. This includes the iconic strip which holds the worlds most famous casinos and hotels. George Russell said: “There’s many challenges that await the driver.” Not only does this track include some of the most iconic buildings in the world but it also huge braking zones and speeds that can reach over 212mph. The speed in fact will match Monza in Italy, which is known as F1’s ‘Temple of Speed’.

This Thrilling weekend may not be a decision maker for a championship winner, but by being a new and fast circuit, the drivers can finally showcase their true talents as this is the first time anyone has ever driven it.

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