Cost of Living Crisis: How is it effecting students?

Many students here at Plymouth Marjon University are struggling on a day to day basis due to the cost of living crisis.

 Bella Davis, a first year who has newly moved away from home, explained the effects and difficulties she has experienced. Bella said: “I’ve realised how hard my parents worked for me and the sudden shock of having to pay for my own food and travel.” The sudden realisation students have when paying for their own living forces some to work multiple jobs beside university to afford these necessities.  

Another first year student, Tom Whittle who travels from Bodmin daily, explained his difficulties when living alone. Tom has already seen the cost of living become increasing difficult as he’s been experiencing this for the past 5 years. He said: “Electric prices would cost around £20 when I first moved out and now it’s increased to £60. Food prices have also doubled and this is now the same with fuel.” The evolving difficulties of living standards shows its effected those outside of campus as much as those in halls. 

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