Is The Price Marjon Students Pay For Their Accommodation Justified?

There is a growing feeling amongst Marjon students living on campus that the price they are paying for their accommodation is too much for what you get.

Student Dylan Thain said: “I don’t think that our weekly price is fair, especially after looking at student housing in the city, we can get much better facilities for less elsewhere.”

In Plymouth city-centre, there are many listings for student houses that have a smaller weekly cost than the standard £113 per week Marjon students that live on campus must pay. Most of these houses all contain bedrooms with double beds, ultra-fast Wi-Fi, at least two bathrooms and bigger kitchens.

The negative outlook on accommodation on campus remains true for residents of Clark Hall, which have reported of poor signal and Wi-Fi connection alongside the buildings heating not working at all.

Resident of Clark Hall and student Leo James said: “We have constant issues with things not working properly.” He went on to say: “Even basic necessities like heating don’t work, things that are easily accessible if living externally.”

This said, it can be deduced that there are several students living on campus that are not happy with the price they pay for their accommodation. However, the issue remains unaddressed by Marjon.


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