Sony’s skyrocketing sales over Christmas.

Sony’s skyrocketing sales throughout the year are at 40,000 PS5s sold each day in 2023. It’s expected that by the end of 2024, the company will have sold 67.3 million of the consoles.  

With incredible marketing, excellent first-party games and great quality with high reliability, the PS5 has globally become one of the most popular consoles. To meet Christmas demands, Sony had to fly 747 airplanes full of PS5s over to the UK; and although the exact number of sales is currently unknown, it sits at just under 1.4 million sold in preparation for Christmas day.  

Working for GAME myself, our warehouses completely sold out of the console through our website before December even began, and most of our stores are finding themselves in the same position as we sell around 15-30 PS5s a day. Although the product launched in 2021 – it doesn’t look like the high demand will be slowing down any time soon; especially with the incredible new release this year, Spider-Man 2 and other amazing releases from the past few years which include: God of War and The Last of Us II, all of which are PlayStation exclusives.

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