Lewis Hamilton moves to Ferrari

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton signs with Ferrari for the 2025 season after 11 years with Mercedes. The 39-year-old decided it was time to make his move, taking Spanish driver Carlos Sainz’s seat and becoming Charles Leclerc’s fellow team mate.

F1 fans finally experience this move of a lifetime for the first time since 2013. Hamilton says to Sky Sports.com that’s he’s the “most motivated and focused I’ve ever been”. This has
created high hopes and expectations for his season with Ferrari next year. He shows to his future team the dedication and drive he will bring to the track but also the maximum effort he will apply this season with Mercedes.

Martin Brundle on SkySports.com says: “I have no doubt he will give it absolutely everything he’s got until the last lap of the last race in Abu Dhabi for Mercedes-Benz”. He is confident as well as many others that Hamilton won’t give up on his team now and will still strive to improve his car with Mercedes.

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