Clinical Reflection – 27/11/18

Date Location Total Amount of Hours Overview of Session
27/11/18 Marjon sports clinic          2 Practice of PIR and RI stretching. (1 hr on each)


Reflective Summary Areas for further Improvement plus action plan
Following two practical lectures on PIR and RI on the upper and lower limb, I felt I needed more practice to remind myself of the different ways to stretch each muscle group.

For the first hour I focused on using PIR to stretch each muscle group from upper limb and lower limb. I tested the ROM of each joint before and after carrying out the stretching to see if the treatment was effective. On all joints an improvement was clear, especially on those joints where the client has previously had an injury (the left calf and the left quadricep).

For the second hour I did the same however this time stretching using RI.

This was useful as it allowed me to visual the difference between both PIR and RI and establish scenarios when each one would be most effective.

Research PIR and RI techniques for muscle groups/joints not in the lecture slides.


Use the techniques in a full treatment along with other techniques such as massage.


Returning to reflections at a later date
Since practicing PIR and RI I have found it a very effective technique which improves flexibility, ROM and decreases muscle tightness much quicker than STM, together the techniques work very well.

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