Date Location Total Amount of Hours Overview of Session
11/1/19 Marjon Sports Clinic 3 K taping and Rigid taping upper and lower limb.


Reflective Summary Areas for further Improvement plus action plan
In the build-up to my soft tissue to my exam, I did not feel very confident with taping. I particularly struggled with rigid taping and the best places to put k tape on an injured body part for the most effective support. I researched lots of different ways to k tape each body part and looked at the evaluation for each. I practiced on a client with both tapes starting with the ankle and working my way up each body part until I got to the trapezius. I noted down which body parts I struggled taping the most and went back to these to check I perform it without guidance. Continue practicing taping a variety of body parts by exploring and researching different techniques which may be more effective than others. Use taping alongside other soft tissue techniques such as stretching and STM.


Returning to reflections at a later date  
I feel these hours spent practicing really helped my knowledge and benefited me in my exam as I felt a lot more confident and therefore was calmer when handling the tape. Consequently I did not feel like I was struggling with the basics such as cutting the tape and handling it without touching the glue, this resulted in a much smoother application.  

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