Date Location Total Amount of Hours Overview of Session
24/4/19 Marjon sports clinic 4 1st hour – practicing hip assessment and hip anatomy

2nd hour – client complaining of tightness and trigger points in the upper trapezius, treated using STM and NMT.

3rd hour – massage of hamstrings to break down scar tissue from ACL reconstruction

4th hour – formative assessment, client tightness up rhomboids, trapezius and around the scapula. Treated using STM and NMT.


Reflective Summary Areas for further Improvement plus action plan
1st hour I spent practicing the special tests for the hip assessment and assessing a client through all the stages of the assessment. I made a list of areas that I struggled with and tested myself on these. I then revised the anatomy of the hip.


2nd hour – Checked contraindications, posture and ROM. Noticed reduced ROM in shoulder flexion & on palpation felt many trigger points in the upper fibers of trapezius which were causing muscle tightness and involuntary contraction of the muscle. I used NMT to deactivate the TP and then followed this with STM to relax the muscles. Re-tested ROM and noticed an improvement.


3rd hour – Checked contraindications, posture and ROM. Noticed decrease ROM due to very tight left hamstring, this is likely to be due to a build-up of scar tissue following a full ACL reconstruction. To break down this scar tissue I used STR. Once the fibers were realigned and the scar tissue was broken down, I noticed an increase in ROM so I used MET to improve ROM further and lengthen the muscle. I then used STM to relax the muscle, improve lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins and promote recovery.


4th hour – Formative assessment, client has tight rhomboids and trapezius. Checked contraindications, posture and ROM. On palpation I noticed trigger points the medial border of scapula. I used STM to relax the muscles, increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage to promote recovery. I used NMT to deactivate TP.

Keep practicing on different clients, aim to practice on people I don’t know, to improve my confidence.
Returning to reflections at a later date
Following this session, I feel a lot more confident in performing the hip assessment. I feel I benefited from my formative assessment as it was useful to treat someone who I didn’t know and therefore it was more daunting to communicate with.

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