Date Location Total Amount of Hours Overview of Session
21/3/19 Marjon sports clinic 2 First client: second session with client from 2 weeks before

Second client: Tight calves. STM and MET – PIR

Reflective Summary                   Areas for further Improvement plus action plan
I have seen the first client two weeks before as he had LBP which I suspected was caused by poor ROM in hip IR. I gave him exercises to do over the last two weeks. In this session I re-tested the client’s ROM and noticed that IR ROM had improved slightly and the client reported suffering less pain in their lower back.


I performed STM on the glutes and lower back and into the hip and then repeated the same MET from the previous session and advised the client to continue the exercises for another two weeks until our next session.


Second client had tight calves, I used STM to relax the muscles and performed MET (PIR) to lengthen the calves and improve ROM. I checked contraindications and tested ROM before and after the treatment.

Practice explaining concisely how the client should perform each movement for MET and for their exercises at home.
Returning to reflections at a later date
It is very interesting to watch the client gradually improve through stretching and it has reinforced to me the use of MET.



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