Date Location Total Amount of Hours Overview of Session
3/12/18 Open clinic 2 hours Client complaining of back pain on and off for 2 years following a golf injury.



Reflective Summary Areas for further Improvement plus action plan
Client complaining of pain along their left medial border of scapula and down their mid back following a golfing injury where the player hit the ground during the swing. On palpation there was tightness along the medial aspect of lower back and PoP.


I checked contraindications and analysed the client’s posture which didn’t indicate any problems. I performed STM of the scapula and the trapezius and then continued down into the lower back. On palpation I noticed TP on the medial border of scapula which I deactivated using NMT.


2nd client suffering with headaches due to neck tightness. I checked contraindications, tested ROM of the neck and analysed posture. I performed STM on the shoulders, neck and upper fibers of trapezius and then finished with STR of the neck. I noticed a large change in ROM followed the treatment.



Read more into golfing and specific sport related injuries as well as some more into LBP in golfers. Practice measuring ROM, as I struggle using the goniometer which reduces the accuracy of the measurement.




Returning to reflections at a later date

Practice postural assessment and research further.

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