Date Location Total Amount of Hours Overview of Session
14/12/18 Marjon sports clinic 1 Client C/O tight quadriceps after playing netball 4/7 for 3/52.
Reflective Summary Areas for further Improvement plus action plan
Checked contraindications, ROM and palpated the client’s quadriceps.

Client had no problem walking; however they had decreased ROM in knee flexion & the left had less ROM than the right.


I placed a bolster under the knee and performed STM on the quadriceps. I then lengthened the quadriceps muscles using RI as the client reported pain of 7/10 during knee flex, so I avoided the pain by using RI.


Retested ROM and noticed a big improvement in ROM.

I advised the client to keep stretching their quadriceps to gradually lengthen the muscle back to normal ROM.

Since this session, I have had a lecture on postural and gait analysis which now allows me to do a more thorough assessment of the client’s injury. I will incorporate this into my initial assessment in future.
Returning to reflections at a later date
Practice explaining the process and position for MET to clients concisely so that they understand clearly what I mean.


Talk to client about what I have found during palpation.

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