Date: 1/4/19

Location: Open Clinic

Total Amount of Hours: 1

Overview of Session: MET, STM, NMT of calves and quadriceps to reduce tightness caused by over-training.

Reflective Summary:

The client was a third-year sports therapy student who played hockey 4 times a week and went to the gym 3-4 times a week. She was suffering from tight calves and quadriceps, due to intense training in the build-up to varsity. I checked contraindications, posture and ROM and noticed she has decreased ROM in knee flexion and dorsi flexion.

I performed STM to improve flexibility, ROM and to warm up the muscles. Upon palpation and effleurage I noticed a few trigger points in the centre of the gastrocnemius, I used NMT to deactivate them to reduce pain. I then performed PIR on the calves and RI on the quadriceps to improve ROM and stretch out the muscle fibres. I retested ROM after and noticed an improvement in ROM after the treatment, showing that it was useful.

The client reported that I had good communication throughout, which I am pleased about and will continue to develop. An area where I could improve is to be more thorough with my initial assessment, she suggested that I test gait and analyse this.

Areas for further Improvement plus action plan:

For future analysis, test the client’s gait and comment on how this could affect the client’s kinetic chain. Look into why certain body positions may cause or be signs of a particular injury.

Returning to reflections at a later date:

I have now had a lecture on gait and feel I am more confident to incorporate this into my assessment to develop my plan for treatment.

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