Reflection: 3/3/2020

Date: 3/3/2020

Number of hours: 4

Location: Essential Chiropractic Torquay


This patient attends clinic every 4-6 weeks for regular maintenance treatments due to suffering from lower back pain (LBP) which is aggravated and worsened by his job as a mechanic.

I performed a spinal assessment of his lumbar spine to check that he didn’t have any disc problems or joint problems, which could be causing his pain. He had a soft end feel in flexion, side flexion and rotation of the Lx, which suggested that it was muscular issues and not a joint problem (which would cause a hard end feel). He also didn’t have any pain during spinal mobilisations of the Lx, suggesting that it’s not joint related.

I performed STM of his quadratus lumborum, erector spinae, latissimus dorsi and trigger points of his QL and glutes to ease tension. I also performed some trigger points on his piriformis due to tightness along this muscle. To finish the treatment, I performed STM and TrP of his upper fibers of trapezius (UFT), rhomboids and scalenes to reduce any tension in his neck which could be altering his posture and contributing to his LBP.

I gave him QL and erector spinae stretches to perform between treatments to improve ROM and reduce muscle tightness.

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