Reflection: 23/2/2020

Date: 23/2/20

Number of hours: 2

Location: Essential Chiropractic Torquay

Summary:Filming at home exercise stretches for patients to watch on the clinics YouTube channel and use in between each appointment.

Today we spent 2 hours at the studio at the local leisure centre filming short video clips with demonstrations on different stretches patients can try at home in between appointments.

We wrote a script for each video which we said over the video; the script included what injuries the stretch was useful for/who the stretch was suitable for, the benefits of each stretch and the overall health benefits/importance of stretching. We made individual videos for each muscle group with a stretch for each: calf, hamstring, quadriceps, gluteal, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, shoulders and cervical spine. Each video included variations on how to make each stretch harder or easier, including performing some on chairs for elderly patients who struggle to sit on the floor.

I found this very useful as I have often struggled with thinking of suitable exercises and how to explain them in an appropriate way to ensure all clients can understand how to perform them safely and effectively.

Each video will be published weekly on the Clinics Facebook page for all clients to watch.

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