Reflection: 6/11/19


Number of hours:6

Location:Essential Chiropractic Torquay

Summary & Reflection:

A seventy-year-old patient came into clinic today complaining of quadricep pain in the vastus medialis and hamstring cramping. The client is a confident runner and had recently returned from a sunny holiday where he ran every morning on cobbled roads for five days straight; he admitted that he over did it and rested for the remaining three days of the holiday.

I tested his knee and hip range of movement (ROM) and his hip ROM was fine, but his knee ROM was reduced in both flexion and extension. I performed soft tissue massage (STM) on his quadriceps particularly focusing on his vastus medialis, however he did also have tightness on his vastus lateralis which could be due to compensation. I also performed trigger points on his quadriceps and reciprocal inhibition (RI) by stretching his hamstrings to relax his quads. I also performed STM and soft tissue release (STR) on his hamstrings to reduce the cramping. Following treatment his pain reduced and his ROM increased.

I advised him not to run for a week and to swim instead, to allow his knees and muscles time to heal. I recommended he swam instead to maintain his fitness but to put less stress through his knee and muscles. I suggested once he goes back to running that he starts by jogging for 1km and then gradually builds it up, to prevent overuse. I also gave him eccentric hamstring stretches to perform twice a day (for 10-15 minutes each time).


  • Patient lying on their front with 30 degrees knee flexion, hold this for 10-15 seconds

progression (if can do that with ease):

  • use other leg to push down while the injured leg resists. Start with 10% of effort and then progress as improve.

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