Reflection: 7/1/2020

Date: 7/1/2020

Number of hours: 1

Location: Essential Chiropractic Torquay


Today’s patient came to the clinic following a dislocation to the thumb two weeks prior, he had been to the hospital to have it put back into place and now had a lot of swelling left around the thenar eminence. He had rigid tape on the injury which he had tried to reapply in the same way as the hospital had strapped it, but it had come very loose.


To reduce this swelling, I performed soft tissue massage to the thenar eminence, the palm of the hand and the forearm to increase lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. I applied k-tape to the area to increase the interstitial space to increase lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling, while still providing support to the injury which will last longer than the rigid taping and allow movement.

Aftercare: I told the patient he could shower in this tape and wear it until it became loose or came off, as k-tape does not impair circulation.

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