Reflection: 4/1/2021

Reflection: 4/1/2021                                           Hours: 2

Describe what happened: 

Today I had my first remote consultation from home, I had a 17 year old male who was suffering from shoulder pain and tightness in his upper thoracic, which he believed was caused by sitting at a desk for too long studying. I prescribed him thoracic mobility exercises and posterior capsule stretching to help improve his mobility and ROM.

Feelings: What were you thinking and feeling?

I was very anxious as I felt the pressure of being supervised through the whole session as opposed to input and supervision when required, which added to the pressure. I was also concerned because my internet is very temperamental and I was worried about having internet or technology issues.

Evaluation: What was good and bad?

It was good to be pushed out of my comfort zone and practice things I struggle with such as exercise prescription and I also now feel more confident for my future online consultations from home, as I feel I can deal with technology issues without worrying. It was hard to explain and demonstrate home based exercises (HBE) online, therefore this is something I will need to work on. To overcome this, in this session I found an online tutorial on Youtube, which I showed to the patient. However, this is not always suitable as sometimes the video does not demonstrate the correct technique and it is important to check the patient can perform the exercises safely, before sending them away to do them themselves.

Analysis: What else can you make of the situation?

I need to improve how I prescribe exercises online and how to demonstrate them, with more experience I feel my confidence and ability will grow.

Conclusion: What else could you have done?

If I had more time, I would have reviewed his current HBE by watching his technique, to ensure the exercises he was prescribed by another student, he was capable of doing safely and effectively.

Action plan: If it rose again what would you do?

Be more confident and don’t be afraid to demonstrate exercises. Worry less about looking silly and choose a method that is most suitable for the individuals understanding.

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