Reflection: 22/2/2021

Reflection: 22/2/2021

What happened?

Today I had an online consultation with a female triathlete and was suffering from pain in her foot due to running more as swimming pools are closed due to lockdown. She was experiencing pain when running on tarmac and gradients but did not want to stop running due to trying to increase her training load.

What were you feeling?

I was feeling really confident for today’s session and I feel like having performed quite a few remote consultations from home now, I can really see my confidence improving which is good as I feel much more relaxed and myself.

What went well?

I had pre-planned the subjective assessment and written points and questions on Cliniko to remind myself, I felt like this really helped me as it made sure I covered all what I needed to. I feel this was beneficial because it meant I was not thinking about my next question because I already had it in front of me, meaning I could be more engaged and relaxed which helped my communication with the patient. I also feel this preparation improved my notes, as it meant that I could write my subjective using the questions as a template, improving the overall structure.

What else could you have done? In future if it rose again what would you do?

In the future I will try and demonstrate exercises over video call, rather than sending videos via email after the appointment. This will be good for me to practice demonstrating, explaining and communicating with the patient on how to perform the exercise. It will also make me think of my feet, to plan the exercises on the spot.

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