Reflection Essential Chiropractic: 21/4/2021

Reflection: 21/4/2021                                       Hours: 5 hours

 What happened:

Today was my first day back in clinic since December 2020 due to lockdown restrictions.

What I was thinking and feeling and what was good or bad:

I felt really nervous to go back at first as I wasn’t sure what to expect with the ever changing PPE guidelines and restrictions. I was most nervous as I was the only one who hadn’t been working throughout lockdown as the Chiropractors and Physiotherapists were able to work, so I felt like I was the only one who would be lacking confidence, making me more nervous.

However, I felt that continuing with remote consultations with patients with the University clinic throughout the lockdown really helped me to keep practicing and not feel too nervous. I have really enjoyed carrying out the remote consultations and felt like my confidence, communication and subjective assessment ability has improved a lot since doing so. I feel like studying during the pandemic has been very difficult, however I think that it has benefited my skills in some ways as it has given me the opportunity to experience treating patients remotely, which I otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

What else I could have done/areas for improvement:

Aim to be more confident, worry and overthink less and believe in my own ability.

 Action plan:

Focus on really improving my confidence by positive self-talk, asking clients for feedback, using online resources to build up my confidence.

Linked is an online resource to use. 


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