Reflection: 17/3/2021

Reflection: 17/3/2021                     hours: 6

 What happened:

Today was my first day back in clinic since lockdown. The clinic was quiet so we did a lot of group discussion work, going through theoretical case studies and practicing techniques on each other.

I had a remote consultation with one of the members of the BUCS team who I was concerned wouldn’t be able to safely take part in the training programme due to previously suffering a broken neck. I performed a subjective assessment and watched her perform cervical movements to get an idea of her ROM and any movements she struggled with, prior to a face to face full assessment.

During the consultation the patient began asking if she could sue the NHS for not providing her with adequate rehabilitation, I felt extremely uncomfortable and did not know how to react. I immediately stopped the conversation and said that I could not possibly advise on something like that and I cannot speak badly of other professionals.

What I was thinking and feeling and what was good or bad:

I felt really uncomfortable and awkward and it was a real eye opener as to the sorts of questions patients may ask and how you need to be ready to divert the conversation and never speak badly about other professionals.

What else I could have done/areas for improvement:

Not panic in the first place and politely diffuse the conversation.

 Action plan:

Consider other awkward scenarios or questions in which patients may complain about other health care professionals and consider what a suitable response would be.

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