Reflection: 31/3/2021

Reflection: 31/3/2021                      hours: 6

What happened:

Today I had a patient in clinic with knee pain, the lady was a personal trainer and mainly specialised in HIIT training, she experienced the pain when running and lunging but never during any other exercise. When looking at her lunge I saw that she was driving her knee forward due to lunging at a high speed and the momentum was causing her knee to go over her toes rather than inline with her toes. I filmed her lunge for her and then I asked her to slow her lunge down and corrected her positioning and then re-filmed her position and a huge improvement was noticed. She didn’t experience any pain when lunging slower with the corrected position as less load was going through the knee joint.

What I was thinking and feeling and what was good or bad:

I felt reluctant to check her lunge position as I felt patronising correcting her position considering she was a personal trainer and is constantly teaching people how to lunge. However, I am so pleased I did as her lunge position may have been contributing to the load put through the knee and in turn causing the pain. It made me realise that even those who you’d consider an ‘expert’, can pick up faults in their form as often they can’t see the slight changes in biomechanics that they possess.

What else I could have done/areas for improvement:

I must worry less about what peoples occupation is and stop feeling threatened by someone being an expert in that field and correcting them as they have come to the clinic for advice and for help relieving their pain and if correcting their position does that, then that’s important.

Action plan:

Practice coaching individuals on the correct technique for a variety of exercises.

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