STYC01 – Soft Tissue Massage

For the first semester this module involved learning all of the techniques required to safely and effectively perform soft tissue massage.

This included the essentials behind health and safety:

  • Working posture
  • Clean work space
  • Safe work area (plinths, floor and trolleys)
  • Code of conduct
  • Personal hygiene, dress code and appearance
  • Consultation Forms
  • Contraindications
  • Red and Yellow Flags

The massage techniques:

  • Effleurage
  • Petrissage
  • Tapotement

Other techniques:

  • Taping (Kinesiology Taping & Rigid Taping)
  • Neuromuscular Technique (NMT)
  • Soft Tissue Release (STR)
  • Muscular Energy Techniques (MET) – Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR) and Reciprocal Inhibition (RI)
  • Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy

For the second semester, this module was based in open clinic which involved us practicing our skills so far on friends, family and members of the public. This has been very useful for getting experience and building our confidence.