Relevant Blogs


Here is a list of blogs/websites which have helped me during my first year…

  1.  Brighton Sports Therapy – I find this really interesting to read as they discuss a variety of health, sport and massage related topics rather than just generic injuries. An example of this is their blog on “Is technology overuse causing you pain?”. In this blog they discuss injuries that are caused by spending too much time on a computer or a phone such as “Swipers Thumb”, they then provide exercises which people can try to overcome these injuries. I find this very interesting as since beginning my degree, I have noticed a lot of people develop injuries or muscle tightness but are in denial that they are injured. They often believe that it is not possible because they have not fallen over, played any sport or had any trauma, whereas many of these injuries are actually caused by poor posture.
  2. Performance Sports Therapy – I came across this blog when researching for my STYC01 essay on my client who is a 21 year old golfer with lower back pain, believed to be caused by poor internal rotation of the hips. This blog discusses the importance of the kinetic chain in golf, as it is one of the only sports that requires such extreme amounts of rotation from the whole body in order to generate power for the swing. A loss in this power at any point can alter the position of the body and result in injury. My client was lacking rotation of the hips that was required to generate power for an effective golf swing, so consequently he was over compensating and attempting to generate power from the lower back instead, resulting in pain. This blog states that successful treatment, can reduce the chance of injury reoccurrence.
  3. Massage Physio – This blog makes an important point that sports massage can be beneficial to anyone and should not just be offered or advertised to athletes.
  4. – I found this website very useful in explaining the physiological effects of each massage technique and therefore used it a lot during the STYCO1 module.
  5. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine – I used this when researching about STM for plantar fasciitis for a client who came to me complaining of severe foot pain.