Clinical Experience

Experience so far:

On the 7/10/18, I performed pre-event and post-event massage for the runners at the Plymouth 10K. This was a great experience and it helped me to build my confidence as I was treating clients who I have never met before, consequently I focused a lot on my communication skills.

Experience I hope to get…

In my second year, I really hope to get a placement in the forces (Navy, Marines or Army). I am interested in the injuries they develop as a result of putting extreme physical demand on their bodies during training. I feel this would be a great opportunity to witness a variety of injuries that may be uncommon in clients in other industries. During my degree, I aim to treat as many different conditions as possible, in order to build up my knowledge and give me a varied portfolio. A treatment that works for one injury may not be effective for another, so the more I witness, the better my knowledge will become. In addition, each client will have different levels of motivation to overcome an injury and therefore some will adhere more than others to rehabilitation programmes, so it is important that I am prepared for this.