STYDO4 – Manual Therapy of the Spine

Assignment brief:

A 2500 word (or equivalent) reflective learning log evident fulfilment of learning outcomes 1 and 2. Suggested topics you may cover include but not limit to: red flags or flags system in spine assessment; common spine pathologies; sport injuries related to spine; evidence-based practice in spine injuries management

You also need to evident two observations on spine assessment, one as an observer and one as an observee with reflection. Reference list and appendices (e.g. spine assessment forms) do not contribute towards word count. Please ensure all patient’s personal information are blocked out or remained anonymous.

On successful completion of this module student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an ethical awareness and critical discussion of the implication of red flags and contraindications related to the spine.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to identify and apply underlying concepts and principles of key pathologies related to the spine and trunk.
  3. Perform an objective assessment of the spine, selecting appropriate clinical measures.
  4. Select and apply appropriate treatment and rehabilitation techniques for spine-related disorders
  5. Critical analysis of information and analysis with the safe and effectiveness of their assessment and management through evidence-based practice