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1 New Road, Anytown, Anycounty, XX00 0XX
00000 000000 (avoid humorous email addresses)

A short, punchy statement of between 50 and 100 words relating your personal characteristics and occupational skills to the job profile.  Good sources of information include the Prospects website at and job adverts in local and national press.  You may wish to include a brief statement regarding your career goals and aspirations but ensure that these match with a prospective employer’s business plan.


KEY SKILL 1 (for example Communication)

  • Identify the key skills that employers within your chosen profession are seeking and list in their order of importance.
  • Include examples of the ways in which you have demonstrated these skills.
  • If possible, choose one or two example from University for example, ‘As a member of the Marjon Student Union, I have to communicate effectively with Senior Management, Lecturers, outside agencies (such as teaching unions), in order to provide students with up to date and current information. One or two examples from previous work experience, for example, ‘as a waiter at The Sunnyside Grill, I have to communicate effectively with customers in order to ensure they have had a pleasant dining experience.’

KEY SKILL 2 (for example Organisation)

  • Even though you may not have previous work experience in your chosen profession and your degree may not appear obviously relevant, employers are looking for transferable skills.
  • Examples of transferable skills include: communication, organisation and time management, information technology, team work etc.
  • Try to avoid merely providing a list of skills, use real examples to back up your statements.

KEY SKILL 3 (for example Teamwork)

  • Use a layout that enables an employer to find the relevant information without having to wade through reams of text.  Employers will often only ‘skim’ read on an initial sift.
  • Don’t overuse bold, capitals or bullets.  Stick to a conventional font with a minimum 12 point

KEY SKILL 4 (for example Problem Solving, for teachers Leadership/Behaviour Management) 

  • Try not to cram too much information onto one page.  Leave margins and spaces between text. 
  • Don’t forget to run a spell check or get someone else to proof read your CV.


Dependant on the relevance of your previous work experience, and the amount of information that has been included in the skills profile, this section could either simply list previous employers or be expanded to include further information.  In each case, ensure that the information is readily accessible.

ABC Recruitment, Recruitment Officer – 1996 – 1998

ABC Manufacturing, Administrator – 1994 – 1995

ABC Finance, Clerical Assistant – 1990 – 1994

If including expanded job descriptions, avoid merely using a list of duties.  Try to indicate areas where you have taken particular responsibility for a role or have achieved promotion.


My Degree          Predicted 2:1          2006 *

University of Anytown, Anycounty.

3 A Levels:  English Language (A), English Literature (B) and History (B)          2004 *

Any College, Anytown, Anycounty

9 GCSEs including English (A) and Mathematics (B)          2002 *

Anyschool, Anytown, Anycounty

* Only include grades if they are better than average, i.e. above C


Use a concise, narrative style paragraph to mark yourself out as an individual.  Indicate any areas of responsibility outside of the work/study environment, such as membership of community organisations etc.  Be careful of activities such as ‘socialising’ which may create the wrong impression


Driving licence: Full and clean*

Health: Excellent*

References: Available on request

* only include if there are no endorsements.