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Digital Innovation logoThe Marjon Digital Innovation Team (DIT) is a team of creative technologists, who are involved in a wide range of activities to support the development of technology enhanced learning at the university.

As well as maintaining the institution’s Virtual Learning Environment (LearningSpace), the team offer technical and pedagogical advice & support to Marjon staff and students.  The key principle is to ensure that the technology is led by teaching and learning and is enhancing the pedagogy.

The team play a key role in the following:

  • Empowering staff to enrich student experiences through the provision of blended learning activities within the VLE
  • In the design and delivery of effective online learning experiences for flexible/distance learners
  • Advise and assist in the creation of digital media artefacts, such as podcasts, screencasts or video, for delivery on a variety of platforms
  • Enabling staff to create packaged reusable learning objects (RLOs)
  • Helping staff to ensure their digital resources meet accessibility requirements and comply with Copyright legislation
  • Facilitate developments in e-assessment and electronic feedback (e.g. formative quizzes, summative online exams, audio feedback)
  • Help staff realise the potential of web 2.0 software, including blogs and wikis, and the associated collaborative learning opportunities that they can create
  • Enabling staff to make use of online virtual classroom environments
  • To support staff by helping them to disseminate their Learning, Teaching or Research outputs in web or print format
  • Help resolve LearningSpace issues or pass a query on where appropriate
  • To work with groups of students to deliver specialist technology-related training.
  • Development of dynamic applications to aid TEL related projects
  • Attending institution wide committees to represent from a TEL perspective

The team are constantly looking at new technologies, innovations and techniques that could benefit staff and students.  Being up to date with new and exciting tools, ensure the team can give the best advice whilst also developing their skills.

The team are:

Also in the DIT office is Tony Atkin (tatkin@marjon.ac.uk) who is the VLE and software administrator.

The TEL Forum

The Technology Enhanced Learning Forum is a place to bring both Academics and the eLearning technologists  together, to build on the relationship between the two.  It is an informal forum where learning technologies can be showcased and discussed with other teaching staff. Appropriate support will then be on offer from the eLearning team beyond forum sessions for those that wish to incorporate the tool into their teaching practice.

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