LearningSpace: How to hide activities, resources and sections

If you want to add activities and resources to your LS module page, but don’t want students to have immediate access to them, you can ‘hide’ them.

To hide a resource or activity:

  • Turn editing on
  • Scroll to the resource or activity you want to hide (in this example the ‘Advanced techniques’ booking resource)
  • Click Edit (the link on the right-hand side of the screen)

Advanced techniques label

  • Then select the Hide option (next to the eye icon)


  • If you click Edit again you will see that the ‘eye‘ icon has a line through it and the ‘hide‘ option has now been replaced with the ‘show‘ icon
  • You will also notice that there is a purple ‘Hidden from students’ message under the hidden item. Hidden

Note: To make the resource/activity available to students, you need to repeat the steps above and click the ‘show’ button


How to hide a section:

If you are adding resources and activities to a new section and don’t want students to have access, the whole section can be hidden

  • Turn editing on

Scroll to the section that you want to hide and click the ‘Edit’ button, then click on ‘Hide topic‘.

Hide topic

  • Turn editing off
  • Tutors will still be able to see resources and activities in the hidden section although they will now appear greyed out. When students access the LS page, they won’t see the hidden section or any of the activities and resources stored in it

Hidden from students

Note: To check that students are unable to view the hidden section, you can switch to student role to view the LS module page – refer to the guide ‘How to view LS as a student

Watch the video below to see this in action!

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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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